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Confluence Workshops

Sunday, October 20th




Reclaiming Your Heart: Tarot Magic to Dissolve the Patriarch Within
with Amanda Yates Garcia and Sarah Faith Gottesdiener of Strange Magic
Patriarchy enforces its agenda by through punishment and coercion; in order to survive, we often feel like we have to shut down our hearts to protect ourselves. But it's only by reclaiming our heart, that sacred territory of love and intuition, that we can find a way to break the spell of patriarchy and create a joyful, interdependent world for all beings. Tarot is a system of divination that evolved within the patriarchal system, but just as the seeds of healing can be found even in our patriarchal culture, they can be found within the tarot as well. Join Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Amanda Yates Garcia of the Strange Magic Podcast for a live recording of their workshop to help heal your heart, reclaim the territory of tenderness, and find new tools to thrive, right now, using the pleasure magic of witchcraft.



Celebrating the Elements: The foundation of Tarot, Astrology, and Magick
with Alejandra Luisa León
This class will delve into the energies of the four elements. The fundamental knowledge of Earth, Air, Fire and Water helps to create a strong foundation from which to enhance a magical practice. Deep understanding of the elements, promotes fluency and quickened learning in Tarot, Astrology, and Magick. It also shows how the three are interconnected and complimentary. In this class, we will discuss how the elements relate to every day life, as well as to the three modalities. All levels are welcome, and beginners are encouraged. The class will involve not only lecture, but interactive sharing and learning, such as casting a circle using the elements and group discussion. Bring any tools that will assist your learning such as a notebook and pen, your favorite Tarot deck, and any magical allies such as crystals.


Plants as Doorways to Ancestral Consciousness
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki
Plants are our Ancestors.  Not only did we evolve from plants, but all plants exist within the intelligent matrix of Mother Earth and the cosmos.  As our elders, plants have much wisdom and guidance to offer. Plants can be incredible allies to support our spiritual evolution as human beings.  Plants can also help us reconnect with our own ancestors and remember our own original ancestral medicine. In this workshop we will explore our innate connection to the plant world.  We will talk about how working with plants from our own ancestral lineages can awaken ancestral memory.  We will also learn about special plants (although not entheogens) that help us to connect to our ancestors in both waking and dream states.


with Ayana Young
What instinct does a mother bear abide by when the safety of her forest den and precious cubs are threatened? What does our human intuition whisper in our ears when we witness or beloved lands being auctioned off to the highest bidder to suffer undeserving poisoning and exploitation? What will it take for our culture to respect the intrinsic sovereignty of the land, so biodiversity can evolve autonomously in a changing climate? We will gather in an exploration of how to break the chains of domestication, human supremacy, and the conditioning that the dominant culture has imprisoned us within. How does this cultural taming affect how we show up in the world, as Earth protectors and allies? What co-liberation is awaiting us when we step into our wild and free state? We will let Earth swallow us whole as we dissolve into their teachings.


Kinship with the Earth
with Cybele
Join Cybele’s rainbow circle and acquaint yourself with the realm of the stone beings. Cybele will be sharing her tradition of working with the earth and stones as living beings. During this workshop you will be working with a special stone being and creating a dynamic connection with that stone through guided meditation and practice. Learn techniques for communicating with the realm of stone, and how to be in intimate relationship with the Earth and its stone allies.


The Vessel and the Void
with Eliza Swann
There are few exercises that can get us into the oracular state as deeply as scrying. Scrying comes from the Old English word "descry" meaning “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” Scrying is an auto-deepening trance practice, traditionally achieved by staring at a smooth round surface. Ancient Egyptians used bowls filled with ink, oil or blood, the Aztecs used slabs of obsidian, ancient Greeks used vats of water, the Celts used darkened brass plates, and many contemporary diviners paint a mirror black. During this 90 minute workshop we will learn the history and meaning of the art of scrying, and practice water scrying together as a group. All participants will be sent home with a workbook as well as tools and techniques for finding guidance and illumination through the ancient art of staring into the void.


In The Face of Fear
with Irene McCalphin
Fear is something that has great value and just like any Guardian Spirit it can turn to demon. This workshop/roundtable will confront the faces of fear that causes rifts within ourselves and our communities. Join me for Elemental Tools & Rituals designed to turn Fear from the vast Ocean that seeks to drown us into the watery mirror we learn from. We defiantly exist, move, love and create in a time of tremendous horror that has us scrambling for anything that resembles the light.
Come remember that we are the light.
We are the sacred hell and glorious terror to things that go bump in the night.


Dance of the Elements
Cacao Ceremony and Moving Meditation with Madre Jaguar
Since ancient times, Cacao has been used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures in sacred rituals to commune with Source, access Divine Wisdom and amplify the power of our prayers. This sacred plant medicine when used with intention acts as a catalyst to shift old patterns, expand the heart center and activate the higher chakras. Join Madre Jaguar as we embark on a healing journey to connect with the elemental forces that live within us all. We will be communing with the medicine of Mayan Cacao sourced from Guatemala to open up to the wisdom of our hearts. Through guided meditation, breath, music and free flow body movement we will honor and embody Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit to gain clarity, create balance and embrace freedom. Please wear comfortable and loose clothing that will allow you to move freely. Bring an offering for our community altar - flowers, sage, tobacco, herbs, rocks, crystals, etc. - as well as any items you’d like to add to be charged with the energy of our ceremony. Remember to bring a mug and a friend… or two!


Fragrant Witchcraft & Elemental Magic
with Mauricio Garcia
It is said that the four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as one make green: the ancient, primordial color of the most important biochemical process on the planet—photosynthesis. During this workshop, participants will explore the relationship between botanical spirits and the four Elements through fragrant materials, and discuss how botanical essences can channel their respective geniuses. When that particular form of conjuration is understood, we begin to see how such materials can be used in spellcraft. The construction of magical objects in the form of fragrances and fragrant blends will also be explored.


Awakening the Elemental Magic Within:
Thru the Ritual of Polyphonic Singing & the Art of Galdr

with Ylva Mara Radziszewski
All of nature has a song, and in that song there is a name that, when sung, calls its magic into form. In this ritual workshop led by traditional witch Ylva Mara, founder of Cunning Crow Apothecary on the occupied Duwamish territory now called Seattle, participants will discover the power of the elements alive within them. Together we will awaken the magic of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, & Water through Slavic polyphonic singing and chanting. The singing forth of the power of a moment is called Galdr in Old Norse; Galdor in Old English. Galdor translates to “a spell sung” or “an enchantment.” To enchant is to evoke a state of wonder or delight in the heart. By harnessing the magic of sacred song, rhythm, breath, heart beat… participants will gather strength and offer a healing salve to the space it will fill. This workshop is intended to teach participants how to call upon, acknowledge, and make relations with the elemental forces within us. The skills and tools we use in doing so will give us the foundations necessary to deepen in a sovereign and mutually consensual relationship with the elemental forces around us. *No musical or vocalization skills needed whatsoever! This is traditional and elemental magic which means it comes thru us by way of our relationships with spirit, the elements, and our ancestors. You can’t do this wrong! Also, making sacred song in community makes us all sound good… so no worries!



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