Modern Witches Confluence

Workshop Descriptions


2018 Workshop Descriptions

Our Confluence theme is: Ancestral Magic, Reclaiming our Roots. Each workshop leader will be offering a workshop that taps into their ancestral roots, promotes ancestral healing, and speaks to the wisdom of the witch. 


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Keynote: Magical Thinking presented by Starhawk

“Magical thinking” has a bad name—we associate it with confusing wishing with doing and believing in stuff that isn’t true.  But real magical thinking is pattern thinking, looking at deep connections and interactions, refusing to choose between heaven and hell and instead finding that third road that leads to the Otherworld.  Really embracing magical thinking might shift how we approach our actions, our conflicts, and our work of building deep and true magical community.

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Ancestral Self-Care Tools in Mexican Curanderismo with Napaquetzalli 

The traditions and teaching of Mexican folk healing and medicine are rooted in finding our balance between mind, body, and spirit. In our chaotic and unsustainable modern society, many of us have lots our innate connection to the earth, our bodies, and each other. Using the teachings of our grandmothers, a new generation of curanderxs has reclaimed our ancestral tools of self-healing and wellness to help our communities and future generations undo the trauma of colonization and medicalization of our bodies.

Napaquetzalli, a trained community herbalist and curanderx, will share her journey of coming from a linage of traditional healers and artists who are revitalizing these teachings. The wisdom of our elders is filled with simple tools to care for not only our bodies, but to heal and support our spirits in times of mass oppression and collective trauma. Learning to find the medicine all around us, in every flower and drop of water, we can shift from within and without.

Finding What Has Always Been - Your Spirit Guides with Aja Daashuur

Have you ever wondered how the answer to a question you've been agonizing over for weeks will suddenly, just pop into your head? Do you ever get a feeling when meeting someone for the very first time? You know, a feeling that the person can't be trusted? These feelings and epiphanies, stem from your intuition and the nudging of your Spirit Guides', who are ALWAYS with you. They have been surrounding you with love and support, since the day you were born and we each have the ability to connect with them, ask for their guidance, and make better decisions that directly affect our life.

AJA will give you the tools needed to connect with your intuition and strengthen your psychic abilities, so that you can open the door to your Spirit Guides’ and say hello!
Through meditation, automatic writing, and intention, we can all be "tuned in" to what our guides see for us down the road. This is an incredible gift, and AJA wishes for everyone to be able to know, feel, and trust that not only are we never alone, but we have unseen friends to rely on, who only have our best interests at heart.
The workshop will include personal messages from your Spirit Guides, their connection to you from a previous lifetime, and steps on how you can move forward in life.
Come, open your third eye, and discover what has always been there, your guides!

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Plant Meditation: The Celtic Heart & Witch Archetype with Kelsey Barrett


In this class we will explore plant's significant to Celtic folklore and life, that nourish and open the heart. Through your direct personal meditative experience we will explore your somatic, emotional, and intuitive experiences. These individual insights will be shared and woven into the group experience. As we build trust in our ability to have a relational experience to plants and each other, we will explore a modern essence that connects us to the archetype of the witch.

The Second Sight: Spirit Communication Through the Clairs (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance) with Mary Grisey

The four “clairs” - Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance - are types of abilities to gain information through extrasensory perception corresponding to our physical and intuitive senses. These abilities are a great tool for creating a relationship between spirit guides, discarnate loved ones and higher selves.

In this workshop, Mary will explain her unique process of how she communicates with Spirit using the four clairs, guide you through an exercise in connecting with your own ability, and drop everyone in through a guided meditation. Everyone has the capacity to develop intuitive, psychic abilities. Like any ability, it is a process that involves trust and courage, and is a practice that develops through experience and time.Tapping into your Second Sight is a true, deep connection to your higher self and will bring you into an unobstructed place of truth. Please join us in this immersive workshop where you can access your own unique relationship with Spirit through the clairs.

*Please bring a notepad and something to write with. 

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Archetypal Astrology and Ancestral Archways with Sherene Vismaya

Astrology as seen through its numinous archetypal symbolism opens up communication between inner and outer—past and future realms. As we meet under the Scorpio stars, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. By delving into the mysteries of the water houses, specifically the 4th, 8th and 12th houses in the horoscope, we can uncover the deeper connection to our ancestral legacy and karmic roots.



Connecting with the Ancestors with Michael Cardenas

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Over the course of many years working with clients both in person and via Skype around the world the most common question I get from spiritual seekers besides “When will I find love?” and “Are they the one?” is “How do I connect with my ancestors?”.  As a natural and trained medium and clairvoyant (which means I have natural mediumship and clairvoyant abilities and also trained with spiritual teachers to help me develop my skills) I have learned various tried and true techniques and ceremonies that I have personally used to strengthen and maintain my connection with the ancestors. Our ancestors, both of blood and of spiritual lineage, are our roots and our strongest allies in the spirit world who provide a solid foundation for the rest of our spiritual framework and are first in line to protect us, hear our prayers, and help us at all times. Connecting with them can help us to heal our realities from the inside out and help us to create balance on all levels. It has changed my life and look forward to offering this information to you all. 

In this workshop we will discuss:

 The difference between blood and spiritual lineage ancestors

Lower vibrational ancestors (the “bad” ones) their purpose and how to deal with them 

How to build an ancestor altar

Practical ways to connect to the ancestors and how to maintain the connection 

Working with the ancestors for psychic protection and spiritual progress

Bloodline healing 

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Italian Magic: What it Is, What is is not, and How to Tap Into It with Karyn Crisis

In this radical workshop by Karyn Crisis, learn about a world that is largely unknown outside of Italy: the feminine magic of the mountains and valleys. There is Indigenous magic in Italy…and then there’s everything else from other cultures that ended up there. Mostly everyone knows the “everything else" embraced by the Romans and advertised well along with the modern melting pot of practices lumped together under the category of "paganism."

In this workshop you’ll learn about hidden indigenous magic in Italy and what that even means, how it differentiates between “what’s in books and “texts”, common misperceptions, and mostly, the  common threads that run through Italy which are a part of this magic. You’ll learn a few ways to apply this knowledge and we'll practice together. You'll get a brief but exciting view of Indigenous Italian Lineage cures that are a type of homeopathy, and learn some extraordinary details of the roles of women in their societies which reflect a remarkable feminine shamanism that is completely different from paganism.

This is a groundbreaking peek into Italy that's also being written into a workbook by Karyn Crisis. Learn about Italy from an inside view!

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Sacred Listening: a Q&A with the Plant and Mineral Elders with Shayne Case

What do we do when we find ourselves at the confluence of our suffering and our freedom? In a time when rhetoric such as cultural appropriation, white fragility, colonialism, transgenerational trauma and cultural genocide aim to exhume the Atlantis of our grief, how do we then create a path of healing? How do we learn to use the medicine of a call out culture without poisoning ourselves with the very fear and anger that has created institutional oppression and a banishment and disposal society?

Through storytelling, meditation, and experimental collaboration, we will take the sacred path to the Plant and Mineral Elders to seek understanding, guidance, and a balm for our suffering.

A Conversation on Ancestral Healing, with Shayne Case, Devin Antheus, Kelsey Barrett, and Lou Florez. Moderated by Heathen Chinese

We gather during a time of the year when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thin, allowing us to connect more deeply with our ancestors on the other-side. How do we as Modern Witches work to heal the divisions in our familial lines? How to we work with the trauma of past generations? How do we cultivate connection with ancient ones who may not accept our current life choices? All these questions and more will be addressed by our esteemed panel of wise ones and healers.

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Transcestral Blessing Ritual - collaboratively guided by Pavini Moray

Trans and gender-blessed folks are magick, no doubt. We are powerful beyond words. This co-created ritual that centers the gender liminal folks in attendance intends to layer us with the blessing and support of our well, bright transcestors as we step ever more fully into our power and purpose. The ritual also provides a space for our allies to witness our power, and join in solidarity and celebration.