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 The Healing Circle


Skye Arun

Sky Arun Tarot

Skye offers tarot readings & sound integrations. A reading is an intimate and transformative ritual, designed to help you reflect on your own experiences and uncover new perspectives to navigate your life path with greater awareness and insight. The sound integration is a sonic journey designed to help you integrate the information you received during your reading.


Levi Barringer

Ms. Tea

Levi Barringer is a queer energetic herbalist & artist offering sliding scale products, small batch hydrosols, botanical skin care, elixirs and tea blends made with sustainably grown ingredients from local farmers and plant folk. They operate through tenets of collective healing, accessibility, harm reduction and reciprocity with the land and ancestors.




I work with amazing humans through DreamWork, coaching, tarot/divination and workshops to develop their greatest human potential.



Transcendental Tarot Reader + Intuitive Healer

Clare Fawn is a Transcendental Tarot Reader and Intuitive Healer based in Los Angeles, CA. Using the tarot as a divination tool, the cards act as a guide, as Clare channels information from the angelic realms.She uses her clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and her natural ability to tap into the unseen world, as well as connect to the clients’ guides, angels, and ascended masters.


Hannah Green

Hannah Green Therapy

I am an intuitive psychotherapist and business owner offering ongoing psychotherapy to individuals and couples. Alternately, I offer intuitive Tarot readings. During these potent readings we explore your current strengths, challenges and opportunities. Together we use the Tarot imagery as a bridge to the unconscious where important insights, awarenesses and resources lay waiting.


Andrea Kasprzak

Intentional Imagining

Intentional imagining is a process that turns our dream world into the real world. The process is easy, fun, and anyone can do it. Sessions include intention setting, energy clearing, and intuitive guidance. We will look at your energy and help release limiting beliefs and energetic blocks.


Alejandra Leon

The Lioness Oracle

Creatress of The Lioness Oracle Tarot ,Vision of the Muse and The Stars Divine


Mandy Miller

The happiness lab

Welcome to the Happiness Lab, a place for curiosity and change. I will support and encourage you to improve your primary relationship, the one with yourself. Let’s discover how your thoughts inform your feelings and actions, and how to dance with discomfort. Remember, Clarity Comes Back.


Pavini Moray


The gifts and blessings of your ancestors are your inheritance! Finding ways to relate and connect with ancestors as a source of support and healing can create a sense of belonging that many of us long for.




Allyson Seal is The Art + Sex Witch (she + her). She uses creativity and sensuality to access the magick of the heart. It is her work to dismantle her internalized systems of oppression. It is that on-going pursuit of freedom that she offers you through tarot readings and 1:1 mentorship.


Stacy Stranzl

Reiki with Stacy

Stacy is offering 1:1 Reiki sessions. Reiki charged crystals and goods will be available for sale.



The Golden Dome School

I am an intuitive, artist, educator, and community organizer. I offer classes, one on one mentorship and clairvoyant and Tarot readings.


Gayle Revels

Energy Healing with Spirits

A shamanic and reiki practice that helps people clear old patterns, lifetimes, curses, and attached spirits so that you can live your own life free from other influences. We will work with helping spirits to determine the best healing modalities to address your issue.


Marcella Veron

Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Marcela Liliana Veron is a Sacred Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner, Mentor & Intuitive, and Essence & Embodiment Coach for women who want to express their inner beauty, deepen their inner relationship to their essence, expand love and intimacy, and have the soul partnership they truly desire. Marcela helps women connect fully to their feminine magic.


Laura Zuspan

The Luminous Void

Laura Zuspan is an artist, mother and seer. Magic and art are her guiding forces; what most interests her in these realms are transformations in consciousness. Her artistic and intuitive practice is to facilitate collaborative healing ceremonies, ritual awakenings, and the development of inner vision to feed and inspire the spirit.