Modern Witches Confluence



The Modern Witches Confluence aims to cultivate a diverse community of seekers who are passionate about their personal growth and spiritual development. We aim to support collective liberation from oppressive systems and structures.

We understand that not all witches have the same privileges, and in order to create an inclusive space, The Modern Witches Confluence is happy to be offering 35 subsidized Scholarship tickets to under-served folx in the community who are unable to attend at the regular ticket price, as well as 15 free tickets for those who cannot afford the low-cost option.

Low-cost Scholarship tickets are $50 and are for the Sunday Modern Witches Confluence event only. These discounted and free tickets are available due to the kindness of the Modern Witches community offering their donations to the cause. Those who have limited opportunity due to their race, gender, ethnicity, or accessibility are strongly encouraged to apply for a Scholarship ticket.



Support your local witches by donating to the scholarship fund!