Modern Witches Confluence


Confluence Admission

Full Day pass to the Modern Witches Confluence. Cast the circle with us, choose from 9 workshops offered by your favorite teachers throughout the day, and celebrate our modern magic. Prepare yourself for a day of mystery and wisdom...

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Early Bird Tickets

Limited edition tickets for a discounted price! For a full day of workshops, ceremony, and connecting with our magical community. 

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General Admission

General admission tickets: for a full day of workshops, ceremony, and connecting with our magical community.

Scholarship Tickets

The Modern Witches Confluence is happy to be offering subsidized Scholarship tickets to under-served folx in the community who are unable to attend at the regular ticket price. Scholarship tickets are available for less than the general admission price. These discounted tickets are available due to the kindness of the Modern Witches community offering their donations to the cause. Those who have limited opportunity due to their race, gender, ethnicity, or accessibility are encouraged to apply for a Scholarship ticket. We know that you know magic only works with integrity. Check in with yourself to see if you qualify before applying. 

Applications will be read by a diversity committee of up to 3 people. We will send you a confirmation if your application has been accepted. There are only 50 Scholarship tickets available. 

Application Deadline September 1, 2019.