Modern Witches Confluence



The Modern Witches Confluence is an educational gathering that honors all walks of the witch. The witch is our spirit and our soul. The witch is awakening and leading us on our healing journey. She invites you to join us...


Our circle is founded upon inclusion, and in order to foster inclusion we must be willing to share and be willing to listen to experiences that are different from our own.

Our circle is created by a diversity of voices and beliefs.

Our circle welcomes those who are beginning their spiritual journey, and those with lineage and deep roots.

Our circle is radical, and acknowledges that spirituality and justice are interconnected.

Our circle is a safe space to explore our individual paths.  

Our circle is complex and beautiful.

We do not support those whose lives and beliefs are grounded in hate and division.

We are an anti-racist, anti-fascist community.

We are showing up for collective liberation, peace, radical love, and personal growth.

The Modern Witches Confluence is a gathering that aims to heal the collective’s trauma around The Witch. The witch is our midwife, wise one, brujx, mentor, herbalist, empath, storyteller, and weaver of the worlds. Witches are here to help us work with our innate power, and through community, they guide us closer to collective healing.