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Marcella Veron

Marcella Veron

Marcela L. Veron, MA, AFSP, is a Priestess Activator, Sacred Arts Facilitator, Tarot & Healing Arts Practitioner, and Intuitive Interior Alchemist. Marcela is a sought out mentor, who helps women to embrace their feminine magic, embody their divine essence, deepen intimacy and love their unique beauty. Her sacred offerings include Soul Illumination Readings, Feminine Essence Energy Healing, Art of Priestessing, The Sacred Ruby Priestess Program™, Mistress of the Moon Circles, Private Programs, Sacred Arts, and Tarot workshops/retreats and weaves in sacred tools as well as systems of Astrology, Hand Analysis, Tarot, Human Design, and 9 Star Ki. She holds a Master's degree in Women's Spirituality + Creative Expression, Advanced Licensed Teacher Certification in The Art of Feminine Presence ®, Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner and a Certificate in Vibrational Medicine. You can find her at, or


"Marcela Liliana Veron has a magical quality as an intuitive, which is matched by her acute perceptions. She tuned in exactly to what I needed, with reverence and eloquence and love, which resonated with my heart, mind, and body. As an activist, I had become comfortable standing up to the abuses of Mother Earth, but I perpetuated neglect of my feminine nature. She has helped me see the opportunities from the challenges and their bigger purpose. Over the past few months, Marcela has helped integrate the awakened parts of me into the sovereign, embodied woman and naturally loving being I am becoming. I am so grateful. " - Peggy L.