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Marcella Veron

Marcella Veron

Marcela Liliana Veron is a Sacred Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner, Mentor & Intuitive, and Essence & Embodiment Coach for women who want to express their inner beauty, deepen their inner relationship to their essence, expand love and intimacy, and have the soul partnership they truly desire. Marcela helps women connect fully to their feminine magic.

Marcela mentors women to step into their sovereignty. She guides them to exude their natural radiance and power, embrace their soulful sensuality, embody their best self and live from their heart and soul.

Marcela is also an Interior Alchemist and Personal Design Lifestyle Consultant. She helps women create a nourishing self-expressive home sanctuary and lifestyle that reflects their inner beauty and soul design. As an Energy Healing Practitioner, Marcela'sinner alchemy invokes a graceful emergent and transformational process for their mind, body and feminine soul expression.

Marcela holds a Master's in Women's Spirituality and Creative Expression; is a gifted healing artist, intuitive and feng shui expert; and is a licensed The Art of Feminine Presence™ Facilitator, certified in Feminine Spirituality and Leadership and Vibrational Medicine. Marcela is also a skilled Face Reader and Hand Analyst Practitioner. She is widely known for her Reclaim Your Feminine Magic Immersion Program.