Modern Witches Confluence



October 20, 2019

SF FAir BuilDinG



The Modern Witches Confluence is creating a sacred container for those witch-curious, witch-identifying, and magically minded. Join us for a full day of connecting in real life with your magical community. Seekers, herbalists, hedge-witches, psychics, brujx, healers, magicians, and empaths are all encouraged to gather, share, and create as we celebrate the thinning of the veil. The day will include casting of the circle, ceremony, a keynote address, workshops from your favorite teachers, and our Magical Marketplace.

San Francisco has a rich history of spirituality and activism, and the robust and growing spiritual community in the Bay Area has been in need of more organized opportunities to collaborate and evolve together. Not only will the Modern Witches Confluence promote community and education, but it will actively support spiritual entrepreneurs through sponsorship, collaboration, and our Magical Marketplace.